Born in Menorca, Spain

Living and working in London & Menorca

@ luisamp6


2021-2023 MA Printmaking at Royal College of Art,London.

2020-2021  MA Sculpture, Camberwell University of the Arts, London.

2019-2020 Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, Royal College of Art, London.

2018-2019  HNC, Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

2014-2016 Drawing and Etching , Royal drawing school, London

2012-2014 The international school of Graphic Art, Il Bisonte, Florence.

2011-2012 Painting and Drawing Lorenzo de Medici International institute,  Florence.

2004-2005 Short course in Painting and Drawing, School of Visual Arts, NY.

2001-2002  Foundation course, Central Saint Martins, London.

1993-1997  Ceramic design,  Llotja Art school, Barcelona.

Selected exhibitions

2024 Gasp 2, Wordly Wicked & Wise Gallery, London

2023 Ego dialogue, Greatorex Street Gallery, London

2023 Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

2023 RCA show at TheTruman brewery, London

2023  Shadows We Cast , The_Koppel_project, London.

2023 Two Fold, Group show at Lake Gallery, London.

2022 The damage is done, Group show at Pump house Gallery, London

2021 Group Show at No format Gallery, London.

2021  Group show at South London Gallery, London.

2021 Unmute, Group Show at Copeland Gallery, London.

2019 Above the Ballet, Kensington and Chelsea College of Art,  London.

2018  Expanded field of drawing,  Group show at the Slade University, London.

2016 Digging in, Branching out, Kew Gardens, London.

2015 Group show,  Number 57 art Gallery,  London.

2014 Solo presentation, Packs Gallery, Vienna.

2014  BCN Art fair, Casa Batllo, Global Art Agency ltd:Barcelona.

2014 Group show, Brick Lane Gallery, London.

2011 Group show, Archivio Storico, Florence.

I am an interdisciplinary practitioner, printmaker and painter whose work also extends into ceramics and sculpture.I experiment with various techniques and express myself using a wide range of materials and processes. Through the intuitive nature of my work the element of discovery is of most significance, allowing accidents and mistakes to occur. Although, sometimes I deliberately provoke them, my interest is to develop flexible thinking and to improve my visual language challenging at the sametime the hegemony of the two-dimensional art disciplines.

Often my interestis revolving around the simplification  of abstract forms that arise from the interpretation of the figurative image. A process that, I believe, allows the viewer to make their own interpretation of a piece of art. I strive to create a space where the public can interact with their imagination and to realise the fictionality of the perception created by our unconscious.

My work is an ever-evolving process, it can start with collages made up of discarded defective prints, or it can derive from collected, exhibition, ephemera. I manipulate my elements, I choose one print and work in various ways. I dissolve, push, pull, deconstruct, construct and collapse the image resulting in a process of constant abstraction andfiguration. As I don’t have a preconceived idea it’s a call and response outcome.

The 2D collages reach out in relief, they feel sculptural in themselves, I take the opportunity from this 2D collages to go into 3D sculpture and them back to the 2D painting, is a back and forth process mirroring the work of Michael Lady and his collages.

I perceive my work as spontaneous and playful, intuitively mixing elements from both observation and imagination. My future plans include working on a larger prints and incorporating the idea of scale in my work. Lastly, Iwould like to expand my practice into the space and transform my pieces into three-dimensional installations that will have haptic and sculptural qualities as well as sound elements.

Blue or Red


 how to disconnectallowed to be  irrelevant, erroneous   

  made up thoughtsto just float on by without attaching my emotions to them.How wonderful would it be to reach this state? This is a good reason to write anessay; this is what it is about perhaps: to go beyond our thoughts and belief system,to see the matrix and the connection between human and non human, understandingfrom the heart these connections.Exploring other`` unknown ´´dimension&understand the wholeness.

In the late eighties one could buy special bookmarks which contained 3 dimensionalpictures. Shiny strips of foil that had images were put there with a holographic processand if you held them in the light just right, you would see that the whole imageactually came alive. It looked like it was hovering above your hand. If you had one ofthose holographic bookmarks, you could cut it into many little pieces and uponputting the smallest one of those pieces under a microscope and looked at it undermagnification, you could still see the entire image; no matter how small, no matterwhat shape it was.This is the analogy I am making with my dissertation; the Universe is holistic,interconnected. We are part of everything, there is no you and me, big or small, moreor less important, here or there, past, present or future. 

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 5Origins & the law of correspondence

 6 Unfolding the time 

7 The Matrix

 8 Absurdity as Self awareness 

9 Conclusion 

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